Tulsa Firefighter Who Battled Cancer Gives Back

One Tulsa home owner who is also a firefighter has fighting for his life since last May when he discovered he had a 32-pound tumor in his abdomen. Mark Meyer, who underwent surgery in New York, is now back in Tulsa and working towards recovery. Busy enough with his own health, Meyer has found a way to also give back to the community. He started Hydrants of Hope to help children who are battling cancer.

He adds, “I just felt like, you know, this is just so unfair. I was blessed to have a good childhood. Seeing all these kids and knowing they wake up to go to a doctor’s appointment, get stuck with needles, and go through tests.” Meyer says he was never  sick at all before, and in his 14 years as a fireman, he never missed a day until this happened. The only reason he knew he was sick was because of a routine physical for the fire department that indicated something was wrong.

His life is a little bit different now, with him going through chemo treatments on Monday’s for hours. He’s kept a great spirit through the whole thing though, and says, “It’s just something that has to be done. It’s part of life and you just go with it.”

Hydrants of Hope has donated $13,000 to St. Francis Children’s Hospital to help families with treatment expenses. These range from putting fuel in their cars to go back and forth for treatments to getting prescriptions for their kids. While Meyer says he’s found a lot of joy in working with young cancer patients and their families, he says he can’t wait to get back to firefighting. He said,  “I miss it a lot. I would love to be able to go to work. I mean a lot of people don’t like to say that or can’t say that, I do.”

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