Tulsa Home Owners Asked to Assist in Water Quality Survey

Recently, thousands of Tulsa home owners were asked to participate in a water quality survey. While some may be expecting a questionnaire where they can voice their opinions about the water they drink and use each day, this survey will be a little bit different. Tulsa officials say it will have a brief form with questions, but it also may require a bottle of water.

Nearly 4,500 Tulsa home owners were sent the questionnaire along with a request to fill a one-liter bottle with tap water from their faucet. Officials say the completed questionnaire will allow the city’s water quality laboratory to determine if the plumbing in the home is appropriate for the testing according to federal standards. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires cities to test water samples for evidence of many minerals, metals and contaminants.

Residents were requested not to use their tap for six hours, filling the bottle with water from a faucet or tap thereafter. Then, they simply placed it on their front doorstep so it could be picked up by a city employee. Experts are analyzing the water at the laboratory to determine how much lead or copper is in the water. For their effort, those who participate will receive a copy of the laboratory results for their home. The City of Tulsa says that for many years, their water quality has fallen well within the EPA standards, which has allowed them to test in fewer Tulsa homes.

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