Tulsa Gun Range Offers Free Classes for Teachers

There’s a debate brewing around the country in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Should teachers be allowed to carry guns? In Tulsa, one local gun range recently offered teachers free classes, which included the handgun permit. It was offered to teachers in the (918) area code free of charge.

US Shooting Academy hosted a day where teachers could show-up to their facility to register for the Oklahoma concealed carry class that was offered free to educators. According to range manager Dave Saye, “We want teachers to be ready if pending legislation allowing teachers to carry a gun at school is approved.”

In Oklahoma, State Rep. Mark McCullough (R, Sapulpa) is proposing the legislation that would allow teachers with a handgun permit to carry their gun while at school. At the time of writing, over 300 people had expressed in interest in taking the free class offered at US Shooting Academy.

Other states are also following suit, putting together legislation that would permit teachers to have guns in the classroom. In nearby Texas, the mostly rural Union Grove Independent School District voted unanimously to enact a policy that would allow some teachers and administrators with training to carry concealed weapons. Superintendent Brian Gray notes, “We wanted it, our community supported it, and it’s a local decision.” Union Grove ISD is at least the second school system in the state to implement such a policy. The Harrold school district, about 160 miles northwest of Dallas, implemented such a policy in 2007.

But some opponents aren’t so sure this is the answer, insisting that having more people armed at a school, especially teachers or administrators who aren’t trained to deal with crime on a daily basis, could lead to more injuries and deaths. It remains to be seen if the bill will pass in the State of Oklahoma.

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