Q&A with Jared


A Q&A with me in the past about the present and future of social networking and business as a result. I hope you enjoy, i never planned on having this read so it would be a real treat!

Explain how social media/web is changing or has changed the ways you, your family, and colleagues find information.

A simple explanation would be Facebook. My family lives in Oklahoma City, Rhinelander Wi, and Chicago Il. We all stay in close contact via the web. We just went on vacation to Costa Rica and we found all of our information and travel arrangement on Facebook. We met the lady we rented the villas from on Facebook, arranged all of our activities, and coordinated our travel plan nearly exclusively on Facebook. That is a major change from how we would have done it say even 4-5 years ago.

Also, how has social media/web changed the ways you interact in your personal and professional life as well as within academic spheres?

Personally I have never used anything like LambdaMOO or Second Life, but I can see a person abandoning “real” life for a more successful virtual one. In my professional life I travel for work and have my friends whom I work with but we are always in different places and we use Facebook to stay in touch when we aren’t on the same jobsite.  It’s also a way we share information about certain job sites and tricks of the trade. Well, since I go to school online it’s obviously heavily involved in my school life. I haven’t yet reached out to a classmate for interaction outside the “classroom”, but I can see that as being a useful tool for being successful in a class.

What functionalities do you think will be invented in the future?

I see the work place becoming more home based. Obviously occupations like firefighters or police officers will still need to be physically present, but I can see many companies cutting cost by simply letting employees work from home. This can only be possible with increase in technology allowing for accountability. But I can see major cost savings such and office space, electricity, and custodial care.


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