HomeZada App Helps Manage Tulsa Home Maintenance

HomeZada App Helps Manage Tulsa Home Maintenance

“There’s an app for that!” That’s a phrase creeping more and more into our daily language. Here’s another one: “Do you wish that you could manage your household chores and maintenance via your mobile device or tablet?” You’re in luck. HomeZada is a new online service and application that does just that. It helps you stay on top of various household projects like maintenance, home improvement and home inventory. It comes with over 150 home maintenance recommendations!

Do you always remember when a furnace needs cleaning? Are the roof gutters clogged? HomeZada helps you, the homeowner, plan and remember what all needs to get done around the house. It also helps keep track of cleaning and yard work. It will alert you as a reminder of when a certain task needs to be done. There is also a feature where the homeowner can document all their possessions via photo – a smart record to keep. It essentially creates a spreadsheet for you broken up by room. There’s section for living room, bedrooms and other rooms. Then you fill in what’s in each room, dimensions and add photos.

The HomeZada “Essentials” version is free, and it includes the inventory tool, property documents management, news and alerts, and access to the mobile version of the app. If you are willing to pay a little more, the premium version is available for $9.95 per month, or $99 for the whole year. This upgrade includes tracking functionality for home improvement projects, budget and shopping info, integrated calendar and set up email alerts. The calendar is a really great tool. It shows what daily tasks should be done and also who is assigned to do them.

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